Greetings DSM Leaders:

When you arrive on Monday we need one adult from every church to come in to check your group in. We will have a welcome packet for every group that will include maps, address, contact info, etc for the week.   Please see the following registration info which is the same I sent last week:
-One adult will be able to enter the registration building
-Registration will be held at University Center Gate 4 (upper level)- 800 West University Hammond, LA
-Questions about arrival day of can be directed to Alex Smith at 512.971.9411
-Registration will be held from 3 PM – 5 PM.
-Dinner will be served from 4:30 PM- 6 PM @ SELU. 
-Any notice of a late arrival needs to inform Alex.
It is important that you make plans for water for your group.  We will have access to an ice machine, and we will be providing every participant with a water bottle.  We suggest each group bring a 5 gallon cooler that can be filled with ice and water each morning.  Usually local restaurants will refill for you if you ask, and that will make water readily available to your group on the worksite.
Please encourage your youth to pack good sturdy work shoes and boots.
We will have an adult meeting following worship on Monday night to go over the week.
DSM Leadership

Group registration is still open! 

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A grassroots effort of Disciples serving others since 2011.

Out of the chalice and into the community.

Next stop: Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

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