About Us

2018 will be the 8th year of DISCIPLE SUMMER MISSION.

Disciple Summer Mission is composed of a teams of several leaders that plan, pray, and work hard to organize each week for your church’s youth group to attend. Over the course of the last 7 years, the dynamic of Disciple Summer Mission has changed from a couple of churches gathering, to about 550 participants, from 13 different states, in two different locations, and crossing into 7 different states. Our 7th year, we will be back to one trip, trying to help a community. All groups, 6th through the 12th grade and their accompanying adults, are welcomed to join us for a week of mission.

Our Teams are:

DSM: Youth

Rev. Justin Dickey
Rev. Fester Coffee-Prose
Rev. Alexandria “Alex” Smith
Rev. David Lee
Shawn Colson
Sara Hilgenberg

DSM: Young Adult

Rev. Fester Coffee-Prose
Rev. Alexandria “Alex” Smith
Rev. David Lee
Shawn Colson

Our History


In 2011, nearly 80 of us gathered in Midland, Texas. We worked on houses, spent time with senior adults in nursing homes, and in after school programs with low-income children.


In 2012, more than 140 traveled to northwest Arkansas to serve the communities of Rogers, Bentonville, and Fayetteville. We also crossed the border into Missouri to join the continuing efforts to rebuild Joplin. We served senior adult families, homeless shelters, and helped to cross off items from the overwhelming to-do list of Americorp.


In the summer of 2013, we traveled to New Orleans. We worked with the Epworth Project in Slidell, LA. Great community was not only built among the 326 youth and adults that attended but also with homeowners. We painted, built ramps, and put insulation and drywall into homes that were still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Each year has been filled with meaningful work, growing community between multiple Disciples of Christ churches across the Southwest Region and beyond.


In 2014, we headed to Oklahoma City, OK.  Over the course of three days, our group of nearly 350 youth and adults from 28 churches in 7 states fully transformed the exterior of 30 homes in the town of El Reno with a fresh coat of paint. The community that gathered together was impacted mightily by our shared work, by our time together at the Oklahoma City Memorial & Museum, and by the many lives which were changed as a result of being the recipients of God’s grace…both the homeowners and the missionaries.


Due to the overwhelming response we continue to experience at our summer mission projects, Disciple Summer Mission 2015 made the step of faith to host TWO TRIPS. The trips took place in Albuquerque, NM and Nashville, TN with a combined total of 520 youth and adults.  Both trips were held on June 29 – July 3.


In 2016, Disciple Summer Mission ventured to St. Louis, MO and San Marcos, TX.

In St. Louis, the 215 very willing and excited volunteers went into the community to help the organization, Doorways which house homeless individuals with HIV/AIDS living in the area. Our group participated in cleaning, light maintenance, and also some relational ministry with the residents who live on the property. They also participated in numerous projects for local Disciple of Christ Churches in the area.

With about 280 participants, the San Marcos team and the participating churches gathered to help rebuild after the floods which occurred in the previous year. While both trips focused on the water that the cities were built upon, both trips experienced different types of faith communities.


In 2017, we went back to one trip and had about 240 participants on our trip to Baton Rouge, LA. We served a community that was effected by the flooding. We visited The Movie Tavern and the Baton Rouge Zoo on our evening activities.


We will be in Lexington, Kentucky for DSM: Youth and Texas Gulf Coast for DSM: Young Adult!